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The real premium ice cream!

the ice cream story


Florence | 17th century

At Maria de Médice's wedding, an almost frozen dessert was served with milk, sugar, egg white and lemon.

Persia | 20th century

The most common ice cream is Bastani Sonnati made from milk, eggs, sugar, water, saffron, vanilla and pistachio.

Persia | 400 BC

Diversified flavors mixed on ice.

They invented refrigerated food with noodles, rose water to make it cool in the summer.

Persia | 500 BC

Summer sweets consisted of a mixture of ice with different flavors.

Portugal | 2019

The handmade ice cream brand Basstani was born and combines Italian technique and tradition and the aromatic magic of Persia in new sensory experiences

A Basstani

to Basstani

Basstani is the realization of a personal project dreamed of over the past few years.


Basstani means ice cream in Persian, the Cradle of the birth of ice cream. Factors that determined the development of the brand, not only the name, but the inclusion of flavors and aromas from the Middle East: saffron, rose water, vanilla and pistachio.

After a year of training and testing, we opened our first production unit, focusing on the restaurant market in 2019.

We started production with an offer aimed at the HORECA channel, with distribution to Restaurants and Hotels from north to south of the country, through reference partners in the Portuguese FOOD Service channel.

In 2020, we diversified our points of sale into reference grocery stores and home delivery, in family packages.

And 2021 is already marked with the inauguration of our Strett Food that will distribute the Basstani experience to strategic points in the country..

Âncora 2
gelado artesanal (2).png

Create and produce Artisanal Ice Cream with the explosive and original flavor that sweetens every moment in the comfort of your own home, whether relaxing, working or socializing.


gelado artesanal (3).png

Focused on responsible and balanced nutrition, we develop Safe Food Production, with a view to total customer satisfaction.


gelado artesanal (4).png


Being a reference brand in the national market, causing surprise enthusiasm and moments of socializing.

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An explosion of flavor.

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